Craft Invested/40

My piece Distant Passage is in the CCBC 40th anniversary exhibit in Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver.

Oct.18 – Nov. 9.2013


This exhibit explores what it means to be “invested” in craft through the work of 37 noted british columbian craft artists. through an examination of scale, material, process, form and place, we can begin to characterize the range of crafts being produced in british columbia and can understand the growing appeal of craft.


curated by dr. sandra alfoldy

Exhibit in Circle Craft

Sea Level to Tree Line  June 20 – July 9

This is a two person exhibition: Bettina Matzkuhn and Kaija Rautiainen

These works are part of my West Coast series. When I walk on the beach, I often find
nets, with or without floats, tangled and thrown ashore by storms.
As a textile artist, I am drawn to the twisted ropes, bundled-up
knots, and individual fibres that roll out from this tangled mound. I
also love the round and oval shapes of the floats.”

Circle Craft Gallery
1-1666 Johnston Street, Net Loft,
Granville Island